Physical and Health Education (PHE) is designed to develop educated citizens who have the knowledge, skills, and understandings they need to be safe, active, and healthy citizens throughout their lives. PHE curriculum focuses on competencies that support life-long learning—competencies that can contribute to personal lives and career aspirations.


The BC Physical and Health Education curriculum contributes to students’ development as educated citizens through the achievement of the following goals. Students are expected to

develop an understanding of the many aspects of well-being, including physical, mental, and social

develop the movement knowledge, skills, and understandings needed for lifelong participation in a range of physical activities

develop knowledge, skills, and strategies for building respectful relationships, positive self-identity, self-determination, and mental well-being

demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to make informed decisions that support personal and community health and safety

Note: We will focus on exposing our students to many common North American sports which will help to break down cultural barriers. 

Course Breakdown

Class Participation: 45%

Fitness & Skill Testing: 20%

Sports Quiz & ESPN Videos: 25%

Class Assignments: 10%

Note: We will use E303 or the BCA Lecture Hall on Fridays.