School Profile 2018-19

School and Community

  • NFLS British Columbia Academy (BCA) began in 2002 (formerly named Nanjing Grand Canadian Academy) and has successfully completed 14 years of secondary education as a Canadian offshore high school in China. The school has been accredited by Canada's British Columbia Ministry of Education and by the Jiangsu Ministry of Education for 14 years. Our BC Ministry of Education school code is: 10396847.
  • We concentrate both on academic knowledge, as well as on values and leadership. We offer an education that includes social development and citizenship. BCA goes to great efforts to blend the traditional values of a Chinese education system with the values and methods of a Canadian education.

Enrollment and Academic Program

  • Admission is based upon examination, recommendation and solid academic performance.
  • BCA offers the British Columbia Curriculum that requires a minimum of 80 credits to    graduate. BCA    students graduate with a minimum of 100 credits. Those who meet graduation requirements receive BC Dogwood Diploma.
  • All BCA classes are taught in English by BC certified teachers and the school uses an “English Only” policy in classrooms.
  • BCA is a certified AP center and currently offers two AP courses. Our CEEB Code is 694214.

BCA PROVINCIAL EXAM RESULTS FOR 2015-2016 (last year of full exams)

English classes are taught to the rigorous standards of British Columbia Curriculum. We do not offer Communication classes. All of our students take the highest level of English offered in each grade level. Assessment is done by classroom teachers.

We believe that ranking students is not an accurate method of distinguishing one student from another. Nor do we believe that the concept of rank reflects our rigorous curriculum, the selective nature of our student body or individual student achievement. Therefore, ranking students would be a misleading indication of a student’s academic quality and ability to successfully manage college- level studies. Ranking is also inconsistent with our educational philosophy, which encourages individualized learning without forcing students to compete

Transcripts and Grading

  • Our transcripts are printed on secure paper and require a raised stamp and signature from our BCA administration in order to be considered official.
  • Marks are based on the BC system of 0-100%. BCA does not rank its students, nor at this point are GPAs created.
  • The BC grading system of 0-100% is used as follows:

Universities Attended by BCA Graduates (2012-2018)

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