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2017-2018 Student Council Results

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2017-2018 Student Council Results
by Adam Lawlor - Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 4:20 PM

BCA 2017-2018 Student Council

Ministers of Grade 10: Joanna Wang & Zoe Xu

Ministers of Grade 11: Henley Gu & Grace Hu

Ministers of Grade 12: Sam Wei & William Wei

President: Lionel Li

Prime Minister: Esther Fan

Deputy Prime Minister: Nicole Liu

Minister of Records: Geoffrey Fang

Minister of Finance: Tobi Yang

Minister of Fine Arts: Sharon Xiao

Minister of Environment: Queena Hui

Minister of Sport: Linda Sun

Grade 11 Minister of Academics: Olivia Chen

Grade 12 Minister of Academics: Melody Ma

Grade 11 Minister of Public Relations: David Xu

Grade 12 Minister of Public Relations: Learenten Gao

92% of BCA Students Voted

First meeting will be Thursday(September 21st) at 12:20PM in E303